Official website of the biggest idiot on Youtube.  Enjoy!

OK guys, here's the skinny. I'm going to try to help you make some money from home.  No bogus bullcrap, no scams, none of the usual hype.
I may even entertain you at the same time.  But here are the facts: I was a truck driver for many years.  I worked my fingers to the bone until I found the secret.  That is, you can work HARD or you can work SMART.  Since discovering how to make money on the internet the smart way, I have never looked back.
I have made a pretty decent amount money the smart way and I am all about sharing & helping where I can.  Why?  Two reasons:  

1. I wish that someone would have been there to help me when I needed it.  (Also, these are tough times for everyone and I think if I can help someone with my experience, I should do so.)

2. In return for my expertise and help I ask you to help someone else less fortunate down the road.  Make a donation to charity (my favorites are those that help kids, like St. Judes Research Hospital for KIds),  maybe help the elderly person on your block get some groceries, whatever.  Just try to make this world a better place.

Now go explore the site. There are some hidden easter eggs for you to find.

Note:  This website has adverts on it!  I am not endorsing these products so check into them for yourself.  They do have a money back guarantee so whatever.

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The Kinghuman Elite Membership Site Is Now Live!!!! 

Go to now and become a member.
Membership will be limited so be sure to get in ASAP.  Every month I will be posting some cool cash making content.  Think of it as your interactive online magazine that makes you money.  I will also be giving away some great prizes every month so go see what the prize is this month.  There it is, be well and I hope I can make you some serious cash.  

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The Kinghuman BlogTalk Radio Is Now Live!!!! 

D'oh!  Nope... I got tired of having to be at my computer on weekends to make that live radio show so I no longer do it.
Maybe I'll start it up again in a podcast form from Vegas.
Keep an eye out for that.