Hey Guys!    I see you found my secret download page.  WooHoo!   This is where I will be posting some of the ebooks I have written and you can download them FREE!  
I do ask one favor of you in return.  That is, please make a small donation to a reputable charity.   My favorite is St. Judes Research Hospital for kids.  They help kids in dire need and they never charge a penny. 

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OK, below are the downolads.  I hope they can help you prosper and become independent.
I hope to post one a month so be sure to bookmark 
this page and check back often.
Added 4/28/2011

This ebook is actually two ebooks in one.  
This ebook has two great ideas in it and hopefully it can help give you some ideas to make you prosper.
To download the ebooks, simply right click the text in the yellow box and "save as" to a file or a place on your computer where you will be able to find the file easily again.  Saving to your desktop is always pretty good.  If you can't do this, don't email me asking me for help.  Just go to Mc Donalds and apply for a job there because that will be your future for a long, long time.  D'oh!
Added 12/11/2012

This download is a list of all the surplus merchandise available from a dealer network.
Each listing has a URL link and there may be many different suppliers listed.  There are sone great deals to be found there but be cautious and ask for samples & test market before investing any substantial bucks.
Added 7/15/2011

This download is a VERY VALUABLE ebook that has the secrets of how I made an easy $88,000 a year with Halloween goods.  This book was written several years ago so be sure to do your research to make sure the info is current.  Good luck!
Added 8/27/2011

This download is a crappy little ebook that will educate you on how to make some cash with cellphones via ebay buying & selling.  BONUS:  I am giving you the reprint rights to this book, so you can sell it & make some extra bucks (maybe).  
Added 1/5/2012

This download is a micro ebook on a 3D asset publishing business idea.  It made me some decent money, it might work for you too  
Good Luck!
Added 1/10/2012

This is a link to a fileshare site where you can download the free program to make press releases. This will get you FREE publicity for your business, website or Youtube channel. Download the readme file too!  
Good Luck!
Added 1/12/2012

This is another crappy little micro ebook on my secret source for halloween goods at half of wholesale. Hope it helps someone.  
Good Luck!
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Added 3/29/2013

Here is a micro ebook of REAL wholesale suppliers from the ASD tradeshow in Las Vegas.   READ IT ALL!!!!  
Good Luck!
Added 7/13/2013

This is the webmaster ad copy & information
Download it and READ IT ALL!!!!  
Good Luck!
Added 10/21/2013

This is the FREE product that you can use as giveaway content for the SocialBribeSoftware.com product, or you can use it as a stand alone product to sell.  I recommend using the text from the sales page in your SocialBribeSoftware.com popup to get free viral traffic to your main product.  
Good Luck!
If you're really ready to get SERIOUS about making REAL money online... 
Added 3/25/2014

This is the FREE product that you can use to learn from, sell or giveaway as you see fit.  Read the user license.  
Good Luck!
Added 10/21/2014

These are the FREE Fantastic 4 classic comics audio files narrated by Stan Lee!  
Read the user license.  
Good Luck!