OK, below is my current stock portfolio.  These are stocks that I currently hold.  I am not telling you to buy these stocks, I am merely showing you what I just bought after doing my research & using my own screening method.
Again, I make this information available to you at no charge, however, I do ask one favor of you in return.  That is, please make a small donation to a reputable charity.   My favorite is
St. Judes Research Hospital for kids.  They help kids in dire need and they never charge a penny.

Thank you,
In this economy I am favoring good, steady stocks that pay a decent dividend.   If you chose to follow my lead, I HIGHLY suggest that you reinvest all your dividends into acquisition of more shares of these stocks.   This is compounding at its best and it can make you WEALTHY over the long term. 
This especially applies to you young people!
As of this date (8/31/2011) my portfolio has paid me about $8,200 in just a few weeks.  Your results may vary and investing involves risk.  I accept NO responsibility for any losses you incur as a result of you following my portfolio picks.   I will post updares as time allows and I place more buy orders, but know this, I am a "buy & hold" investor and NOT an in and out trader.
Best of luck!
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP    symbol: BIP Latest Price: $26.51
Dividend Yeild:   5.28%

Johnson & Johnson     Symbol:   JNJ    Latest Price:   $68.50
Dividend Yield:    3.47%

Anworth Mortgage Asset Corp.   Symbol:   ANH   Latest Price:  $7.19
Dividend Yield:    13.91%     

China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd.   Symbol:  CHL   Latest Price   $51.17
Dividend Yield:     4.01%

Enterprise Products Partners   Symbol:   EPD   Latest Price    $23.56
Dividend Yield:    5.74%

Current Holdings
Last Updated 5/9/2012
*Important Note:  As of 5/9/12 I sold out all my holdings and I will re-position when the market settles down a bit.