New Law Forces Clients To Give You Money!

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

This is perhaps one of the biggest new opportunities to come along and it's all due to the new search engine regulations that require websites to have a SSL certificate. What is an SSL certificate? Well, if you look at the URL address bar of any website it will either start with http: or https:

The difference between the two is that sites with "https" are secure. They have security in place. Sites that only have http are not secure. Thus the new opportunity. Search engines are posting warnings on sites that are only http certified. Additionally, Google is not going to rank sites that don't have their https certification in place.

So, imagine you're any sort of shop that takes orders online. You spend lots of money on advertising to get traffic to your site. A potential customer comes to your site and even before they can place an order a big red warning pops up saying that the site is not secure.

Well what do you think those customers are going to do when they see that popup from Google saying that their information is not secure and they shouldn't trust that site? They leave. So here's the situation... suddenly millions of merchant sites are losing thousands of dollars a day from clients leaving a non secure certified site.

This offers a HUGE opportunity to anyone that knows how to setup SSL certificates for site owners. The even better news is that business owners are paying between $500 and $5,000

to agencies that can solve this problem for them.

The even better news is that learning how to do this is super easy and it can even be outsourced. The need for this service has now exploded! Just look at this example I found with a simple Google search...

Of all things, a bank! Can you imagine a bank not having their site secured? YIKES!!!

So, potential clients coming to this site see this big warning sign telling them that this site is not secure. Imagine how easy it would be to contact this bank and offer your services to secure their site. All you would have to do is send the manager an email telling him his job is at risk because he hasn't taken the most basic precautions to protect the site and he is in violation of the law.

This is EASY money! You can have your own service agency on this up and running in 24 hours! The best part is that there is an amazing prospecting tool that instantly finds sites that NEED this service badly, so all you do is start up the software and send out a few emails a day.

Then, after just a few days you can expect to start getting big money clients super fast. Oh yeah, did I say that the actual work of installing the "security certificate" on the sites can easily be outsourced? It can! This is a NO WORK GOLDMINE. The superamazing best part is...


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