Can You Really Make Money Flipping Domain Names?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Well I can tell you from firsthand experience that you can. Before I get too deeply into this let me say this... I have known about domain name flipping for a long time. In fact I still kick myself when I think about my beginning experience with domain names.

See, I'm an old guy. So old that the internet wasn't invented yet when I was in my prime. So, not long after I became *&^%^& years old the internet went live. I was there for the birth of it and I remember my buddy telling me that we should grab up a bunch of domain names like,,, etc.

Well, like a total imbecile I didn't listen to him and I missed out on a fortune. How much? Well for example is worth $35.6 million. is worth $18 million. is worth $872 million!!!!

It makes me mental to think of how much money I walked away from. If I had only followed through I would have the biggest mansion in mansion land now. But no use crying over spilled milk, right? (walks out of the room and cries into a pillow).

The thing is to look forward and learn from that experience. That's just what's happening.

So, my latest adventure in domain name flipping was this... I had a domain name that I bought a long time ago that I planned to use in one of my affiliate campaigns.

The domain cost me $8 via Namecheap. One day another internet marketer (I don't know in any way. I never even heard his name before) contacted me and asked to buy that domain. I asked him how much he was willing to pay. He said not much... just $700.

Well it's not $872 million but $700 is not bad for something that cost me $8 and took zero effort on my part to setup or sell. Can you see where this is going? Domain name flipping is STILL the new gold mine. It's like flipping real estate only better. It's 100% digital, it requires no repairs or rehab, there's no real estate tax, there's no escrow or realtor fees, etc.

So, let me tell you the story of a GENIUS way to fast flip domains for great money. I learned this technique from a professional domain flipper...

What you so is this... you find an available domain of a company in a given city. Example Susan's Cafe ( Then you make a simple one page website with a logo at the top (Susans Cafe) and on the page in big bold letters you put "Susans Cafe Is Out Of Business".

Then you send an email to all the Susan's Cafe restaurants in every city saying that their website ( says they're out of business. YIKES!!! They are freaked out and they don't want people to think that their business is closed. So what can they do about this?

Well, when you make that webpage saying Susan's Cafe is out of business you also add a paragraph saying "THIS DOMAIN NAME IS FOR SALE" and you make a paypal buy now button in the amount of whatever, say $300.

When you email 200 Susan's Cafes all over the country you know one of them is going to grab that domain, right? Yep. When the professional domain flipper (THIS GUY)

showed me what he was doing with this I was amazed.

He has done this for years! There is a trick to it and he uses a free software to scan for the best businesses to get domains for. That is, businesses where there are several of them using the same business name and the actual domain is not owned.

To do this you need that free software or you'll go mental trying to find these.

So this brings up an important question... can YOU do this? I think so but I highly recommend you look at the training from THIS PROFESSIONAL DOMAIN FLIPPER.

He knows his stuff and he will have you flipping domains in no time.



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