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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This post is for those of you that watched my Youtube video where I promised to give to you a FREE, done for you profit making ecommerce funnel. If you haven't seen that video CLICK HERE NOW to go watch it.

Yep, it's all done for you. The product is in place, the funnel is totally setup, it's good to go. All you have to do is input your payment solution (Paypal, Stripe etc.) and send traffic to your "automated income robot".

Sending traffic is pretty simple and it can be done in two ways. Either via paid traffic (pay per click) or via free social media traffic (posts on Facebook, Youtube etc.). If you're going to run ppc ads I suggest Facebook ads and Google search ads.

With those ppc venues you can highly target your audience and potential customer base.

*HINT: When placing ads on Facebook, look at targeting cat groups in your keywords. I don't mean plugin the actual words "Cat Groups". I mean find the names of actual cat groups (like "The Persian Cat Lovers Group, etc") and use those groups as your keyword targets.

Now, in my Youtube video I said I would pay for your funnel. Actually I will reimburse you for the cost of the funnel ($47). There are conditions... 1. You must have joined ClickFunnels via my affiliate link. Using my link doesn't cost you one penny extra and you'll get a 14 day FREE trial.

That FREE 14 days should be plenty of time for you to start bringing in some sales. Therefore this should get you into profit right away before you have any big operating expenses.

Yes, after the 14 day FREE trial of ClickFunnels it will cost you $97 a month but that really isn't a big expense for having a complete done for you profitable e-commerce store that's making you money every month.

There are no REAL, good businesses out there that don't have some sort of operating costs.

Now, back to the rebate terms;

2. You have to have tried this business and used ClickFunnels for at least 3 months. Then you can simply email me and I'll paypal you a rebate for the cost of the done for you e-commerce funnel ($47). See the full terms and conditions here.

One more time: To have the full context of this post and claim your FREE ecommerce income funnel you need to see my Youtube Video. So get off your ass and go watch it!

Additionally, to get the most out of this funnel go to my site and learn how to run ppc ads the right way. There are tons of courses in The Money Pages on the site and more are being posted all the time.

Plus, in the January 2020 Money Pages there will be an advanced course about this that will take your income potential to the next level. This is the next level training you won't get from ANYONE else.

Maximum respect & all the best of life


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