Easy Online Income With Zero Work Or Setup?

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

So, I hope you have seen my previous blog post on email marketing and how important it can be to your online income success. If you haven't seen it go back to the main blog page and look at the "Mechanical Spider" post. It's important.

So, I realize that as easy as email marketing is it could still be a bit daunting to those of you on a very limited budget or those of you that have other limitations so I have a totally automated system for you.

This system doesn't require you to buy an autoresponder and it builds your list automatically on autopilot. In fact you are given the email addresses to the tune of 100 email addresses every day! And did I say you don't have to do ANYTHING?

This is pretty much the easiet system I have found for getting started in email marketing.

This is PERFECT for the newbie. Yes, there is a cost but it's so small that it doesn't even count. When you consider that you are given 100 emails a day (into YOUR system) and you get a FREE autoresponder to send out your emails... this is an amazing bargain.

How much?... just $1 a day. Yes, I said $1 for 100 emails a day!!! And yes, I even use this myself. It's about the cheapest (certainly the easiest) way to build an email list right now.

To access this platform just go to

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