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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

You may have heard the expression "The money is in the list". But the reason you've heard that is because it's TRUE! If you have an active email list you have a license to print money on demand.

Imagine being able to open up your laptop, (you can do this from anywhere in the world. (From the beach, poolside in Tahiti, wherever), spending a few minutes writing out a single email. Hitting the send button (this blasts the single email to your entire email list no matter how many emails are on it). Then having that single email make you a couple thousand dollars.

I have done this for years now and I plan to keep doing it. Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online there is. You simply find a product to promote (via an affiliate gateway like jvzoo, clickbank or warriorplus), grab your affiliate link and blast the offer to your list.

But the important part of being able to do that is having a list, right? So if a list is recurring income how do you build a list? Well, that's the question and most newbies have no idea how to build a list at all.

*Random injection point: The industry standard for email marketing list income is about $1 per month per email address. What does that mean? If you build an email list of 20,000 emails you should be making (on avg) about $20,000 a month mailing to that list. So how big is my list you ask? Well, I have many lists and they are bigger than 20,000... I'm just saying that so you'll see that big lists are not impossible to build.

So, I just built a new list and it only took me about an hour to setup the building process and I got over 12,000 emails! It cost me very little to do too. Just the cost of a trinket I gave away in a viral contest... See video below and then get the in depth tutorials on how I did this on my membership site

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