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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Yep, I used to do this too and it was highly profitable for me. I just applied my genius mind to this and it really paid off. I created this tutorial course many years ago back when I was active in this business but I think this holds up and you should be able to make this work for you.

Flipping websites can be easy but you need to know some of the actual tricks I used that made me a success when other flippers were failures.

Be sure to see my tutorial on Private Labeling!!! That was a gold mine for me and it can be for you too. Why? Because it changed my USP (unique selling position) from a site seller to someone that was selling a manufacturing company that had a website, as opposed to someone that was just selling a website. See how much more substantial that sounds?

So, the main thing you want to remember when thinking about making a website you want to flip is this... make a site that is unique. It most likely will be an ecommerce site that sells physical goods. If that's the case you want to have goods that are interesting, compelling and have a demand.

When I made my flip sites I also wanted to be able to market the sites differently than anyone else. So, I made sites of physical goods that I got directly from a wholesaler. I dod NOT make Amazon affiliate type sites!!!

Why not? Because my selling position was simple this; "The new owner of this site will make 100% of the profits on everything sold. This is NOT a cheap Amazon affiliate site where the owner makes a mere 5% on each sale".

That unique selling point alone was enough to set my sites apart from the junk sites out there in the marketplace. But I didn't stop there. I had more magic up my sleeve. For instance, one of my best selling sites was a site that sold Hawaiian souvenirs. You might not think a site like that would have a ton of bidders trying to buy it, but listen to this.

I sold these Hawaiian goods sites as follows; "The new owner of this site will be able to take trips to Hawaii and write it off their taxes!" Yep. The wholesale supplier was located in Hawaii and it's perfectly fine for a business owner to go to their wholesale supplier in person and write purchase orders. Talk about a unique selling position.

I had people buying these sites just to get the travel perks. Starting to get the idea here?

So exactly how did I source all the wholesale companies that I used to make these physical goods sites? One word... Tradeshows. Maybe that's two words... Trade Shows. This is where YOU, the site flipper gets the TRAVEL PERKS.

One of the best trade shows I used to attend was the ASD trade show in Las Vegas. So yeah... Vegas travel perk. There is also a trade show on Oahu Hawaii. Fact is, there are a ton of trade shows in a ton of categories in a ton of exciting places.

There are bicycle shows, camping equipment shows, food shows, toy shows, etc. There are literally millions of products you can make flip sites for. Oh yeah, I didn't just make one single site for one type of product.

For instance, the Hawaiian site. I made several of those sites - each with a different company name (domain name). Look, I could go on and on about this but I hate typing so if learning the details about how to flip websites sounds good to you just download the FREE course by CLICKING HERE

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